Jinesh Mehta


Classify Dog Breeds using CNNs [Python - Tensorflow - OpenCV - CSS - PHP]

Modeled a dog breed classifier using Convolutional Neural Networks, which will accept any user-supplied image as input, and if a dog is detected in the image, it will provide an estimate of the dog’s breed. If a human is detected, it will provide an estimate of the dog breed that is most resembling.

Analyze Movie Reviews using Sentiment Analysis [Python - PyTorch - AWS - PHP]

Engineered a sentimental analysis based web application in which a user can submit a movie review, and the prediction model behind the scenes will predict whether it is a Positive or Negative review.

Plagiarism Detection for Text Document [Python - Tensorflow - AWS - PHP]

Developed a plagiarism detector that examines a text file and performs binary classification, labeling that file as either plagiarized or not, depending on how similar that text file is to a provided source text.